Monday, March 29, 2010

Where does she get this stuff?!

Last week Rylee was on a speal about what a horrible mother I was. (i know, we'll call it temporary insanity) She went on and on an on about how I ALWAYS let the kids do anything they wanted and never let her! I always told them YES to everything and NO to her! Dad always says yes, yes, yes and I always say NO,NO,NO. This all coming out of her mouths in between sobs and whining and sniffing...what she wanted..I couldn't tell ya! What she needed..A Nap! Knowing this was impossible to win I said, Rylee I'm sorry you feel that way and I will never give you everything you want or let you do everything you want..that's not what I'm here for. Then we started on a WHOLE nother bawling feast..I'm sooo sorry for you Mom, because I said those things..I feel so sad inside..more tears, sniffing, blah blah..ME: its ok. I'm not perfect, no one is except Jesus...Rylee: NO..I'm perfect! ME: well, we all make mistakes is what I mean. Rylee: NO, I dont! ME: Rylee, Jesus is the only perfect person who has lived. RYLEE: No, I AM perfect ME: have you ever had to say your sorry to someone. RYLEE: ya. ME: then you made a mistake and you had to fix it. so.. your not perfect, only Jesus. RYLEE: NO...... ME: WE are done with this conversation. You can go inside and lay down or go play. NOW! wait...were not done yet.... Fast forward four days...Its been a week of field days, volleyball, roadshow practice and YCL meetings..We are now at target shopping for a dress for the Daddy Daughter Dance..running because we have another Roadshow practice and Rylee has not stopped talking since I picked her up at school! We check out, go get her a pretzel (i said yes) and run to the she comes out with...WHY was Jesus the only perfect person? ME: (ugg) because he was. RYLEE: How come he died for us? ME:(ugg - why now?) RYLEE: We should have died for him. ME: (aww..ok, i got this one) He didn't want us to die for him..he wants us to live for him. RYLEE: huh? what does that mean? ME: He came to show us how we should live. The things we should do and how we should act and treat people. He was our example and taught us how. RYLEE: he taught KOLE to be mean..............
ME: get in the car were late. Its quite time.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ok a warning to all of you who THINK your child knows NOT to stick anything in an outlet...remind them again.

Yesterday after school Rylee can home, went to the bathroom and came up a little "shaken-up". Her words - "The thing in the bathroom went POP, and it really scared me and I'm scared to go in there and wash my hands." - I'm thinking its the drain faucet that made a weird noise. I investigate. I find nothing. She comes to the door and points to the outlet. - "NO, that's what did it" - Oh, that would explain the black burnt outlet.... Hum. thats weird. what would cause that. wow. I pause. then notice my tweezers laying on the floor. also burnt. Rylee seeing me make the connection blurts out "I didnt know it would do that!!!!" " I didnt KNOW!!"
Really, because I'm pretty sure that from the age of six months we have stressed the importance of NOT putting things in the plugs... Well, thats what I wanted to say. But her little tear streamed, panicked face stopped me. So, a big hug and checking out her hand and arm took its place. HOW she didnt get hurt I dont know..I took out the power in both bathrooms and garage. I am so thankful that shes ok..and pretty sure she wont repeat this one!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

early release today. Jessica went to lunch with friends and then to tye dye..something?? Kole headed to the park with friends and had a blast. Sydney, her friend Jenny and Rylee and I went to ride...heres how that went. I will do what is know in kindergarten as a picture walk to show you..
First, Insert Sydneys back between these..

Next, insert Sydney where cowboy is.

Next, insert Jenny (who is all of 20lbs. soaking wet) where cowboy is...and picture Rylee running as far and as fast as she can in the background.

It was a crazy day..The horses are never like this so we have been coming up with excuses for them all day. Mine is there was a coyote in the bushes as Sydney ran by on her horse. The second reason is the huge storm that was blowing in when it all happened. Ok, so maybe the horse didnt look exactly like the one above when it was be honest, all I could see was my girl sliding off the side and trying to slow the horse as she did. She stopped the horse. Handled the whole thing like a pro and while I shouting (in a soft non panicked voice) to see if she was ok, SHE IGNORES ME. Thats right....she's to busy talking to the horse and calming him down. yep. calming him down. So, I walk out there.."I'm FINE" what I get. So I told her to get back on and she does which is when the other horse (who is getting un-tacked) starts rearing. I look over to see Rylee take off running and Jenny grabbing the reins and holding the horse as he rears. I shout (again in my soft, non-panicked voice) for her to let go. And she looks at me like I'm crazy!! I shout again and the same look comes over her as she yells NO, he'll run off! By the time I get there the horse is calmed down. I have not. Heres this little tiny girl ready to battle this huge animal, when I told her its ok if the horse runs off - it not ok if she gets hurt her response was " All I could think of was,he'll run.. this is Sydneys horse and I'm not letting it run away!" We should all have friends like that!:)
Both the girls cant wait to come back...I think I'll make Jim take em next time.